Lesson 11: Don’t Look at the Scoreboard.

Do you want to improve your community and proactively reach new audiences? Taj Strategies can help you create a thoughtful community relations program that moves beyond “scoreboard” watching for your bottom line and what your competitors are doing and instead helps build your reputation as a leader who makes the community a better place.

Lesson 10: Seek Significant Change.

Do you want to strive for new results and are you willing to change the status quo? Taj Strategies can customize a program that will help you connect with your target audiences, build relationships based on mutual respect, honesty, and fairness, and achieve the change you seek.

Lesson 9: Make Greatness Attainable by All.

Do you want to bring out the best in people and help them attain greatness? Taj Strategies can help create an internal communications program that will foster team cohesion and common purpose with engaging content that will show that you care about your employees, customers, or volunteers.

Lesson 6: Little Things Make Big Things Happen.

Do you worry about delegating your social media presence? Taj Strategies can develop a social media program that manages the little things that make up an effective social media strategy while relying on your big picture vision and convening weekly meetings for input on themes, visuals, and social media platforms.

Lesson 4: Emotion is Your Enemy.

Do you worry about managing your emotions? Taj Strategies can help you convey your passion for your business with a data driven branding program that uses clear-eyed content and sound analysis that will set you apart from your competitors.

Lesson 3: Call Yourself a Teacher.

Do you worry about upgrading your customer service tools to reflect today’s world? Taj Strategies can help you develop a customer relations program that will help you discover new storytelling skills and teach you about new social media tools that will engage customers or volunteers.

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